Hiking Through Hinterlands

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The Exhausting Artfulness of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 4 was a game that colonised my unconscious. It took root inside my brain. For about a week in 2006, aged twelve years old, playing through the game was all that I did. I mean that sentence literally. When I turned off Resident Evil 4, I went to my bed and I dreamed of it. Every night I did this. For a whole week, without pause: every hour ofContinue reading “The Exhausting Artfulness of Resident Evil Village”

Hurtling Towards The Future At 500 Miles An Hour

I hated fairgrounds, growing up. I really hated fairgrounds. Have you ever been to a Scottish fairground? Pity me: they’re the only kind I know. Noisy, rainy, rusty, beery shite: children crying (from sheer bewilderment, really), seagulls diving for their chips; middle-aged men, sweating and slow, eyeing up all the pre-pubescent meat; toddlers screaming, vomit-drunk, to theContinue reading “Hurtling Towards The Future At 500 Miles An Hour”

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